Cooking made easy

We live in some funny times, when we are gradually demanding food that is healthier, tastier, more natural – while also being quick, easy, and more fun to make. For most of us, busy lives don’t allow us to spend as much time in the kitchen as we’d want, so it is crucial to find quicker alternatives to long cooking sessions. The solution? Finding recipes that are quick to make, but also smartening up the kitchen so as to save time and efficiency. Luckily, we’ve mustered up a list of some very useful gadgets to transform your kitchen… and your cooking.

Kitchen is gradually more connected thanks to new technologies. Ovens, refrigirators, coffee machines… Most kitchen accessories can now be operated from a distance or program automatically. Tech fans can play out their passion in the kitchen with the development of loads of connected kitchen accessories, like the Smarter cafetiere or the Seb Nutricook, a bluetooth compatible pressure cooker that can start cooking at a distance – convenient when you have other things to do! Just chuck ingredients into the cooker and load a recipe on your iPad; the machine guides you through the rest…

Cuisine high tech: Seb Nutricook

Seb Nutricook

The Hiku is a small gadget that you fiz to your fridge, and that scans the barcode of things you take out of the fridge. The information is then transferred to your smartphone via wifi. Your virtual shopping basket fills up as you empty your fridge, telling you exactly what you’ll need for your next shop! We also like the Terraillon NutriTab connected kitchen scale, which transfers nutritional information of your ingredients to your smartphone, via the Wellness Coach application. Calories, proteins, fats, sugars, you know everything of the food you consume.

Cuisine high tech: Terraillon NutriTab

NutriTab kitchen scale, Terraillon

Apart from connected appliances, funk up your kitchen with little gadgets than make a difference in everyday life. These fun accessories facilitate cooking and often add a touch of design and colour to your interior. Playful and easy to use, they are perfect when you want to invite the kids to test their kitchen hands, if you are not a big kitchen afficionado and want to infuse some fun into cooking, or if you are always looking for those little extras that make your cooking even better.

For example, planning to make some creamy tomato sauce pasta? If you’re tired of dry supermarket pasta, make your own with this colourful and easy to use pasta machine from Marcato. After you’ve made your own egg pasta, you’ll never go back!

Machine à pâtes Atlas 150 rouge

Pasta maker, Marcato

Always cooking too much pasta or not enough? Get this doser/cooker which you can find on Amazon. Perfect for getting portions right, but also if you have different types of pasta – each guest can choose which pasta to have!

Pasta doser/cooker, on Amazon

Get the perfect al dente pasta thanks to a classy kitchen timer, from none other than the Italian master of Designer kitchen accessories, Alessi.


Kitchen timers, Alessi

Once you have perfectly cooked and dosed pasta, throw some Dolmio Bolognese sauce on top – a perfect time saver, Dolmio gives you authentic tasting, delicious tomato sauce with 100% natural ingredients. Definitely easier than cooking your own traditional Italian sauce, and totally fail-safe. Grate some parmesan on top thank so this sleek Forma cheese grater from our friends at Alessi, and bam, easy, quick and oh so pretty to make pasta meal.


Check out the Alessi page for more designer kitchen gadgets, and check out what your Dolmio sauce is made of here.

And to always have fresh herbs on hand to decorate and flavour, get your hands on a LILO indoor herb grower. Grow herbs and plants all year long in your kitchen, without effort. You don’t need a balcony or a green thumb: this smart garden cares for your plants, supplying water, light and nutrients. All you need to do is pick!

LILO plant grower, available on Amazon

Be a coffee queen

Barista skills are no longer just for the experts in Starbucks or your local coffee house. Nope, coffee connoisseurs are now popping up all over the country thanks to the explosion of at-home barista coffee machines. The best thing to grace your kitchen worktop since the emergence of the microwave in the 1990’s, this will take pride of place and be your new best friend. No more early morning stops at Costa – now you can make your own cappuccino or gingerbread latte and sip it in the comfort of your own home. Continue Reading →

Tell the time with an Apple

Apple what? You say. Yep its right, Apple have now blown their iPads out of the water with the launch of the Apple Watch. It’s basically a mini iPad on your wrist that also has GPS and sports features. Don’t feel overwhelmed it’s actually really easy to use and can link up to your iTunes and other Apple devices. Continue Reading →

Don’t forget your party bag

The latest thing a girl thinks about when planning a party outfit is her bag. Yep we’ve all been there. It’s a last minute mad scramble to rummage around at the back of the wardrobe to find something suitable and that doesn’t have a broken zip or chain. My New Year’s resolution is to be a lot more organised so I’m starting in 2016! I’ve taken a browse at every young girl’s favourite clothes store, New Look to find some nice party bags that will suit any type of outfit for the festive season. Continue Reading →

Eye essentials

We are all going to be out and about more over the next few weeks, late night shopping or meeting up with old friends. Let’s face it, your skin will be stressed with the exposure to the cold elements, tiredness and constant application of make-up only to wipe it all off a few hours later. Now that I am in my thirties I am trying to take better care of my skin and try to maintain a youthful look – somehow just drinking water alone isn’t cutting it. I’m determined to make a more conscious effort to maintain a better skin care routine and stick to it! Continue Reading →