Be a coffee queen

Barista skills are no longer just for the experts in Starbucks or your local coffee house. Nope, coffee connoisseurs are now popping up all over the country thanks to the explosion of at-home barista coffee machines. The best thing to grace your kitchen worktop since the emergence of the microwave in the 1990’s, this will take pride of place and be your new best friend. No more early morning stops at Costa – now you can make your own cappuccino or gingerbread latte and sip it in the comfort of your own home.

For my birthday recently, my group of friends clubbed together and got me this amazing Tassimo coffee machine. Now, I am a big lover of all things coffee so I was a bit sceptical about being disloyal to my local coffee house. How could I create the perfect skinny latte or Americano at home? Can it live up my strict coffee standards to do the job at home? Yes it can!

Its electric cobalt blue design pops out against my white glossy cabinets and worktops and looks ultra-modern and sophisticated. It measures just 17cm in width and can slide in easily in amongst your kitchen appliances. The beauty of Tassimo is that you can pick up a supply of T-discs – the flavoured coffee pods in the supermarket or buy them in bulk online. My Tassimo Vivy claims to have ‘intellibrew’ technology which allows you to brew a tasty cuppa in just a few minutes. Simply just lift the disc cover, pop in your coffee pod disc and click the button to activate. In less than two minutes (yes I timed it) I had a steaming hot cup of Americano waiting for me. It had such an aromatic smell, amazing taste and smelt incredible. I was very impressed.

Within the machine packing was a little booklet explaining about the different varieties and complete range of Tassimo pods with a little book to show the complete range of Tassimo coffees – from their own brand Carte Noir to a dedicated collection from Costa.  There is also a specialist range for coffee diehards featuring South American and African coffee beans. I’ve already ordered some more online to have a range in my house for guests coming for dinner or to stay over.

This little gadget has completely changed my life – I can pour out a cup for myself in the mornings or treat my family and friends. I love how this model can just fit into your lifestyle and there’s no need to fuss with steam gauges and fancy temperature elements. Also there’s no need to worry about cleaning or maintaining the machine, it comes complete with an automatic self-clean function. Get yours today online at major electrical retailers or at

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