Be a coffee queen

Barista skills are no longer just for the experts in Starbucks or your local coffee house. Nope, coffee connoisseurs are now popping up all over the country thanks to the explosion of at-home barista coffee machines. The best thing to grace your kitchen worktop since the emergence of the microwave in the 1990’s, this will take pride of place and be your new best friend. No more early morning stops at Costa – now you can make your own cappuccino or gingerbread latte and sip it in the comfort of your own home. Continue Reading →

Tell the time with an Apple

Apple what? You say. Yep its right, Apple have now blown their iPads out of the water with the launch of the Apple Watch. It’s basically a mini iPad on your wrist that also has GPS and sports features. Don’t feel overwhelmed it’s actually really easy to use and can link up to your iTunes and other Apple devices. Continue Reading →

Don’t forget your party bag

The latest thing a girl thinks about when planning a party outfit is her bag. Yep we’ve all been there. It’s a last minute mad scramble to rummage around at the back of the wardrobe to find something suitable and that doesn’t have a broken zip or chain. My New Year’s resolution is to be a lot more organised so I’m starting in 2016! I’ve taken a browse at every young girl’s favourite clothes store, New Look to find some nice party bags that will suit any type of outfit for the festive season. Continue Reading →

Eye essentials

We are all going to be out and about more over the next few weeks, late night shopping or meeting up with old friends. Let’s face it, your skin will be stressed with the exposure to the cold elements, tiredness and constant application of make-up only to wipe it all off a few hours later. Now that I am in my thirties I am trying to take better care of my skin and try to maintain a youthful look – somehow just drinking water alone isn’t cutting it. I’m determined to make a more conscious effort to maintain a better skin care routine and stick to it! Continue Reading →