Tell the time with an Apple

Apple what? You say. Yep its right, Apple have now blown their iPads out of the water with the launch of the Apple Watch. It’s basically a mini iPad on your wrist that also has GPS and sports features. Don’t feel overwhelmed it’s actually really easy to use and can link up to your iTunes and other Apple devices.

What is overwhelming is the futuristic but totally cool design – a large square touch screen watch face is held neatly in place by silicon straps, all available in a rainbow of different colours.

It’s super clever – your new best friend is designed to help you stay active (no matter if you enjoy a brisk walk or are a gym bunny), its splash resistant and has a lightning fast new dual-core processor with a retina touch screen. Impressive eh! You can interact easily with your iPhone’s messages, phone and calendar functions, and get all the updates and notifications you need through the day. Probably my most favourite feature is the ability to track everyday health and fitness activities.

It features an integrated heart rate monitor and various other sensors to measure all of the ways you move, from walking the dog or lifting your children, to going for a run or working out in the gym, delivering an accurate account of your activity. For more detailed analysis of your activity history, you can sync with the Fitness app on your iPhone. The Fitness app can then deliver special badges as you achieve your goals and share the data with your favourite third party health and fitness apps.


You could argue it’s a piece of technological history and the first of its kind. What’s more the watch is available with different memory storage so it’s available to buy from £189 upwards. There is even a more advanced fitness watch where the IT giants have collaborated with Nike to create a first class sports watch that can rival no other – it is at the higher end of the price scale at £369 so you’d need to be working out daily or be a semi/professional athlete to get the full benefit of it.

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